Stretch film saving
on all loads

Technowrapp was established with the objective of exceeding market standards and the graphics illustrated on this page show this. Thanks to a constant search for increasingly higher performance solutions, Technowrapp has developed the pre-stretch carriage, which is able to wrap a pallet with just 72 grams of stretch film, guaranteeing its stability. Value obtained with a pallet of toilet paper with size 800×1.200 mm, 1.500 mm height, wrapped with 10 revolutions, 5 kg of average clamping force application, reel of film with 500 mm height and 17µm film thickness.
Thanks to the smooth distribution by the tachogenerator and high pre-stretch, Technowrapp guarantees notable savings of stretch film with consequent economic benefits for the customer, combined with protection of the environment.
The saving of stretch film obtained with respect to traditional pre-stretch is evident and, most of all, countable. Just 10 pallets per hour are enough with a Technowrapp wrapping machine to save 5.000 Euro per year. Just 10 pallets per hour are enough with a Technowrapp wrapping machine to use 3.500 Kg less of film and pay more attention to environmental improvement.
Purchasing a Technowrapp wrapping machine is worth it even if the one you have is new!

Pallets that are more stable, products more protected

The Technowrapp electronic pre-stretch carriage guarantees film lengthening of 340%. With high pre-stretch, the film has now reached the best mechanical properties for holding the load. This not only saves stretch film, but is a further guarantee of load stability.
The load sealing tests performed by our technicians have shown that a load wrapped by a film pre-stretched by our carriage showed excellent sealing capacity also at an angle of 30°.