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Automatic stretch wrapper with turntable

Automatic stretch wrapper with turntable for production up to 61 pallet per hour. Automatic stretch wrapper available also with top sheet dispenser for top sheet cover on the load (P60E).


Automatic stretch wrapper with turntable | P60 | Technowrapp


Automatic stretch wrapper with turntable | P60E | Technowrapp
0Speed rpm
0Grams of film per pallet


Film savings on every kind of load

The electronic motorized pre-stretch carriage, which is standard on all automatic stretch wrappers made by Technowrapp, allows 340% extension of stretch film. We guarantee load stabilization with only 72 grams of film.

Value obtained with a pallet of toilet paper with size 800×1.200 mm, 1.500 mm height, wrapped with 10 revolutions, 5 kg of average clamping force application, reel of film with 500 mm height and 17µm film thickness.

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Electronic pre-stretch of film through tachogenerator

The tacho-generator permits smooth film distribution and high pre-stretch, thus ensuring a retention force equally distributed on the perimeter of the load, in order to avoid the crushing of the corners while simultaneously avoiding the displacement of products on the pallet. It is possible to set the level of retention force to be applied on the different parts of the pallet.

Stable pallets and temperature-controlled sealing

The pre-stretch carriage EP-F2 operates in the area where the film achieves its best mechanical properties in products retention. The temperature-controlled sealing surface ensures a long-lasting duration of the sealing itself. Not only film savings, but also a further guarantee of load stability.

Safety during pallet wrapping

During pallet handling and wrapping both on turntable and on rotating arm stretch wrappers, the cutting and sealing device remains in a retracted position away from the work area. In case of accidental fall of goods from the pallet, this solution prevents one of the most complex parts of the automatic stretch wrapper from being damaged.

VPN connection for remote assistance

All the automatic stretch wrappers are equipped with interface for VPN connection, to ensure prompt software assistance. In case of need and with the consent of the customer, our technicians can either connect remotely to the PLC that controls the system via a secure LAN connection, or simply guide the operator into the pages with the remote desktop mode.

User-friendly operator panel with GUI interface

The use of the automatic stretch wrapper is within reach of all operators thanks to a touchscreen panel developed in collaboration with our customers. The panel has a GUI (Graphical User Interface): the replacement of textual commands with icons makes it more intuitive and user-friendly.

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Belt drives

All chain drives have been replaced by belt drives. We have thus increased precision while reducing noise. Lubrication, that is necessary for chain drives, is not required for belt drives, thereby reducing also maintenance times.

Top sheet dispenser on E version

The top sheet dispenser permits to cut the film for the top cover, choosing the size and exact positioning on the palletized product. The film reel for the top cover is in a convenient location outside the safety fences. This device is programmable both for dustproof cover or for waterproof cover of palletized products.