Training and team building to grow together

By Cristiana De Gasperin 2 years ago

Technowrapp always takes care about personnel growth and it works hard on maintaining a positive company climate, composed of collaboration and comparison.

In the last few years Technowrapp has been expanding, from 30 employees in 2015 to 80 employees in 2018. In 2016 we’ve started a new project in order to keep the team together and to integrate new employee: the name of this project is Technowrapp People.

Technowrapp People is a program of monthly meetings that are hold by Nicola Zema, a professional of company training and team building. During each meeting we talk about a particular topic (for example: how to get out of the comfort zone, how to manage our time, how to team up with colleagues, how to generate new ideas) in order to stimulate creativity, share experiences and team up. Technowrapp People is an opportunity of personal growth and both for team growth, it is a way to have a relaxing moment for sharing our minds and improve our ability to understand the other people.

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