Technowrapp join Elite among the best European companies

By Cristiana De Gasperin 3 years ago

Technowrapp has been selected as an Elite company, joining the group of the 600 most promising companies of Europe.

Elite is an intenational platform of Borsa Italiana and London Stock Exchange Group which offers integrated services to support companies in the realisation of their projects of growth. The programme is devoted to the most ambitious companies, with a solid business model and a clear growth strategy. It enables the selected companies to join a network which can give access to many opportunities of support to the internationalization, which improves the visibility and the attractiveness of the companies, puts them in touch with potential investors and supports management in a training process of cultural and organisational change. Elite is designed to support excellent companies in the realization of their growth and development projects, through the sharing of experiences, the access to finance and training.

The selection criteria to join Elite include also the economic results of the companies. Technowrapp, with an increase in revenues of 32% in 2016 and 36% in 2017, is writing a story that guaranteed  a place of honor among the selected companies. From May 2017, Technowrapp has further extended its business, opening a new division, Intralogika. With a dedicated building, located just a few meters from Techowrapp, Intralogika is specialised in the study and realization of intralogistics systems and product traceability systems in the production areas. “Intralogika’s creation was the natural evolution of Technowrapp’s offer, which has always integrated wrapping machines with the handling systems of the typical industrial end-line products” Technowrapp’s CEO Davide Ceccarelli explains “Intralogika is designed to differentiate our proposal and to offer us to our customers as a specialised partner not only on the wrapping part, but also on the handling part and on the part of products’ traceabilty in production plants and in warehouses, making the software component of our plants more and more important”.

The companies selected to join Elite’s community were presented on Monday 6 November 2017 in Milan. Today, Elite’s community is represented by 601 companies, located in 25 countries all over the world, operating in 34 different sectors. Amog these 601 companies, 386 are italian.

On this occasion, Technowrapp has been represented by the three partners: Davide Ceccarelli (Chief Executive Officer), Renzo Lira (Sales engineer manager) and Fabrizio Rocchi (Sales manager).

“Elite is an excellent opportunity of growth for Technowrapp and for all the companies selected for this programme” Rocchi explains “It is an occasion to stimulate the cultural change, the identification of the strategic goals and of the changes that are necessary to achieve them. This is all thanks to the comparison with the management of other important companies which, like us, join the programme”.

Renzo Lira, instead, focuses the attention on the growth which is characterising Technowrapp and on what this growth implies for the company’s employees. “The historical moment that we are experiencing is extremely delicate and particular. Our strength has always been in the value of the people who work in this company, in the passion and competence they put in their job and in this company and in their ability to work as a team. A period of growth like the one which Technowrapp is experiencing can put all these aspects under strain and that’s why, over the last few years, we have invested a lot on many different initiatives”. The projects the company is carrying out, work on several fronts: from the digitalization process in the 4.0 era, to an assessment route of the potential to develop training plans for the managers in charge of the various departments, to a team building programme, called “Technowrapp People”, in which every employee participates every month. “We really care about the meetings of Technowrapp People project” Ceccarelli says. “Over the last few years we have considerably increased the staff and is really important to create a moment of meeting where employees can know each other, learn and grow together. We relied on an expert coach, who helps us every month to improve the relationships between us and to maintain the positive atmosphere which is present in the company. This permits also to the newcomers to enjoy this atmosphere and to integrate with the company spirit in the best way possible. From now also the Elite programme can provide us with new tools to organize our growth”.

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