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Making customer needs concrete has been our satisfaction

September 26, 2019
Making customer needs concrete has been our greatest satisfaction. Intralogika team works side by side with system integrator customers for finding out a solution able to meet end customer needs as well as those of System Integrator. Cooperation with Technowrapp and Intralogika was requested in a

System Integrators partners, Technowrapp and Intralogika

September 13, 2019
System Integrators partners, Technowrapp e Intralogika After having developed more than 30 plants, a company of tissue sector asked Technowrapp and Intralogika to integrate their own supply with a wrapping arm complete with palletized load handling systems. Cutomer needs Customer needed to manage

Corporate social responsibility at Cuoa Business School

April 2, 2019
The meeting on «Sustainable development: environmental, social and economic implications» was yesterday at the Cuoa Foundation by Cuoa Business School, Northeast Foundation, Confindustria Veneto and Unicredit. The aim of this meeting was identifying the strategies, the policies, behaviors of the

Techowrapp believes in young people

December 10, 2018
Some young people of the “Istituto Comprensivo di Primiero”, accompanied by their teachers, participated at the presentation of Technowrapp by our CEO Ing. Davide Ceccarelli, after which they were guided in the production departments, to have a look to a company like ours. Technowrapp


October 25, 2018
Visit us at BrauBeviale exhibition 2016, at Procme GmbH’s Hall 7/7-531. We’ll wait for you in Nurenberg (Germany) from 8 to 10 November. BrauBeviale

Technowrapp as a case study for its work environment quality

October 3, 2018
Yesterday at the Humanities and Philosophy Department of the University of Trento, the thesis “How Organizations Can Enhance Employers” was presented: The Case of Technowrapp S.r.l. ” by Enrico Corso. The topics dealt are the organization, management and motivation of employees to

A tissue story: a journey through the tissue sector Ep.3

September 11, 2018
A journey through time in three episodes which will tell us about the past, the present and then the future of a sector that has revolutionised consumer behaviour: tissue paper. Episode 1: Diving into the past Episode 2: From the past to the present Episode 3: A LOOK AT THE FUTURE In the first two

A tissue story: a journey through the tissue sector Ep.2

August 6, 2018
A journey through time in three episodes which will tell us about the past, the present and then the future of a sector which has revolutionised consumer behaviour: tissue paper. Episode 1: Diving into the past Episode 2: FROM THE PAST TO THE PRESENT In the previous episode we looked at what stood

A tissue story: a journey in the tissue sector Ep.1

July 16, 2018
A story through time in three editions which will tell us of the past, present and then the future of a sector that has revolutionised consumer behaviour: tissues. Episode 1: DIVING INTO THE PAST What are tissues? When we talk about paper, we often tend to generalise, by thinking of goods like

Training and team building to grow together

July 10, 2018
Technowrapp always takes care about personnel growth and it works hard on maintaining a positive company climate, composed of collaboration and comparison. In the last few years Technowrapp has been expanding, from 30 employees in 2015 to 80 employees in 2018. In 2016 we’ve started a new project

Miac exhibition 2018

June 27, 2018
Visit us at MIAC 2018, the International Exhibition of Paper Industry. We’ll wait for you at stand 63 with Intralogika, our new division born to desingn and manufacture intralogistics systems for handling and traceability of loads into production areas. 10-12 October 2018 – Lucca

Teamwork makes party work

June 19, 2018
Technowrapp/Intralogika Team keeps alive the link between staff, not only on a professional level. Like every year, once again each of us helped in preparing our summer party. A moment for being in the company, have fun together and welcome all recently hired staff members. A special thanks to our

Lifelong learning

June 12, 2018
Sharing information is the basis for creating a united team who is prepared to meet customer’s requests. One of the secrets of our service is the constant training of our staff on all technical innovations. During this meeting we learned the details of TechnoTrack Manager, a program suitable for

“Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori Belluno” visited Technowrapp

June 6, 2018
Thanks to the Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori Belluno for choosing us as an excellent company and visiting our Technowrapp and Intralogika sites. The curiosity and interest in the eyes of people who come to visit us is always cause of joy and satisfaction for

We celebrate Technowrapp’s birthday with a 4.0 contest

April 5, 2018
Today we celebrate Technowrapp’s 16th birthday and we proclamed the winners of the “ contest”: a contest in which our employees have proposed their 4.0 ideas for the development of our plants, services and internal processes. A warm THANK YOU to the participants for

Pre-stretch of stretch film in automatic wrapping of loads | What happens to the film before it is applied on the load?

March 13, 2018
During the pallet wrapping, the stretch film undergo two different forces by a wrapper: stretch and pre-stretch. The stretch occurs when the film is placed around the pallet, so that a sufficient tension in order to contain the palletised load is achieved. However, there is also another method to

Stretch film for load wrapping, which is the best one?

November 16, 2017
The stretch film is a plastic material made of polyethylene. It is really important for the packaging, especially for the tertiary packaging. A universal extensible film, perfect for the necessities of every company, doesn’t exist. In order to choose the best, the enterprise must be aware of the

Technowrapp join Elite among the best European companies

November 7, 2017
Technowrapp has been selected as an Elite company, joining the group of the 600 most promising companies of Europe. Elite is an intenational platform of Borsa Italiana and London Stock Exchange Group which offers integrated services to support companies in the realisation of their projects of
Press review

The era of smart end of line | Carta&Cartiere

October 16, 2017
Carta&Cartiere – Paper&PaperMills is the official magazine of Miac – International exhibition of paper industry. Read the case history of an installation realised to link the production line on the ground floor to the warehouse at the first floor. Read the

Cutting production costs: how a stretch wrapping machine can do it

August 29, 2017
Any company has to wrap its pallets before the shipment in order to guarantee security and integrity of the load. This is no surprise. Instead, the fact that a wrapper may cut production costs is clearly less known. The modern automatic wrappers have in fact some characteristics that allow them to
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