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By Cristiana De Gasperin 4 years ago

Installation realised to link the production line on the ground floor to the warehouse at the first floor. A central and 4 peripheral PLCs manage and coordinate automatically 4 different missions:

  • Wrapped pallets forwarding from the production to the warehouse for their storage and shipment
  • Empty pallets forwarding from the warehouse to the palletizer
  • Materials supplying from the warehouse to the whole production line
  • Forwarding of the materials to be disposed of from the production line to the warehouse

Main parts of the system
Pallet wrapping machine with rotating ring Twin Rings E
6 meters high pallet elevator with 2.000 kg payload
RGV shuttle conveyor
Empty pallet dispenser
29 conveyors
1 central PLC
4 peripheral PLCs i/o (256 in – 272 out)
6 safety areas
20 inverters
300.000 program rows
24h / 6 days a weeks

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