Tracking data and ERP interfacing

By Cristiana De Gasperin 3 years ago

From a purely logistical need, a great challenge has arisen. This installation, realized for the pharmaceutical industry, consists of 6 pallet shuttle conveyors which are programmed to pick up the trolleys where the products are located and take them through their pre-set path. Thanks to the RFID technology, the process data of each product travel together with it and they are locally available through dedicated readers. The interfacing to the supervisor (MES – Manufacturing Execution System) ensures data protection and the centralized management and control of the whole system.

Installation numbers
6 RGV shuttle conveyors
85 motors
55 devices linked via Ethernet
Interfacing with 12 robots (8 load + 4 unload)
4 operator panels with GUI interface
650 sensors
8.800 rd/wr missions per day in 240 RFID tags
4.000 handling missions managed per day
5,5 millions of program rows
24h / 6 days a weeks

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