Technowrapp as a case study for its work environment quality

By Dania Cescato 2 years ago

Yesterday at the Humanities and Philosophy Department of the University of Trento, the thesis “How Organizations Can Enhance Employers” was presented: The Case of Technowrapp S.r.l. ” by Enrico Corso.

The topics dealt are the organization, management and motivation of employees to make the workplace cooperative and comfortable.

He explains concepts such as Team building for which Technowrapp and its employees are working together to create greater cohesion and internal collaboration through monthly meetings led by Coach Nicola Zema.

Not only a personal journey but a improve the team to share a moment of leisure and sharing that creates fertile ground for the creativity and new ideas of each member of our team.

Technowrapp People are called into question once a month, in two separate groups of 40 people each, so as not to block business operations to discuss and to face professional issues such as the “Achieve the objectives” or personal issues such as “Self-esteem”.

How to motivate employees is another in-depth theme within the thesis. Improve the standard is the answer. On a monthly basis, a committee made up of employees, has the task of meeting, examining the ideas presented by employees and assessing their goodness and then, once the positive outcome is decided, implement them within the company process. Everyone is free to express its ideas about every company department including the management.

We would like to thank Enrico for examining Technowrapp, recounting our reality and our work ethic to building a quality work environment.

Therefore, Technowrapp continues its commitment to making the working environment peaceful and the relations among the employees close-knit. Technowrapp is convinced that for growth it is necessary to move all towards a common direction and for this everyone can and must make their contribution.

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