System Integrators partners, Technowrapp and Intralogika

By Dania Cescato 1 year ago
Intralogistic System

System Integrators partners, Technowrapp e Intralogika

After having developed more than 30 plants, a company of tissue sector asked Technowrapp and Intralogika to integrate their own supply with a wrapping arm complete with palletized load handling systems.

Cutomer needs

Customer needed to manage simultaneously both empty pallets and palletized loads coming from two palletizers. Once wrapped, pallets are labelled and stocked in buffers awaiting picking process.

The challenge

Palletizers were located in different buildings and not with wrapping and labelling plant: that was the main challenge for Technowrapp.

In particular, pallet wrapping and labeling systems were located in the building next to the pallettizers one.

Interfacing our palletized loads management systems with fire alarm management software was another challenge.

In case of danger signal, doors closure must be granted in compliance with strict fire regulations. Two drawbridges were therefore installed next to the doors wich connect the buildings. As soon as fire alarm turns on, drawbridges rise up and allow immediate doors closure.

Palletized loads, which came from two different palletization areas, had to be grouped together according to the product typology. For this reason we created a synergy between the wrapper, the two labeling machines, the customer operational software and the picking warehouse system for product tracking.

Productive cycle continuity has been granted through the creation of some buffers placed immediatedly after labelling phase. Security wise, 4 different zones have been identified within our plant area. They are managed separately so to assure working process even when plant is partially stopped.


Below some figures and plant features

7 Orthogonal roller to chain transfer devices

10 Two chain conveyors

5 Roller conveyors

1 Palletized loads Lifting device

2 Two chain conveyors with drawnbridge

1 Wrapping rotary arm B200 model features:

electric film roping device

film sealing with contrast bar device

top pressure device

pre-stretch carriage with tachogenerator, electronic check on pre-stretch carriage without fluctuating roller

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