Making customer needs concrete has been our satisfaction

By Dania Cescato 1 year ago
Intralogistics solutions

Making customer needs concrete has been our greatest satisfaction. Intralogika team works side by side with system integrator customers for finding out a solution able to meet end customer needs as well as those of System Integrator.

Cooperation with Technowrapp and Intralogika was requested in a plant in tissue industry in Spain.

Customer needs

Customer needed a palletized load wrapping plant able to communicate with labeller; both plants had to manage two different pallet formats simultaneously too.

Furthermore, pallets had to be individually protected with an upper covering. Top sheet dispenser was therefore installed before the wrapper: continuity was granted and end of line cycle speed favoured.

Just a few words on how different formats are managed in the same line. Standard cycle is applied on EURO pallets, from wrapping to direct picking of the load, which is performed thanks to a LGV shuttle. DEMI pallet are individually wrapped with top sheet and labelled; thanks to a stacking device they are joined together and then wrapped again with a wrapping special cycle, able to make them more stable.

Below some figures and plant features

1 Orthogonal roller to chain transfer device assembled on 0-90° rotary platform

1 Four chain conveyors

2 Palletized loads stacking devices

1 Labeller

5 Two chain conveyors

3 Orthogonal roller to chain transfer devices

4 Roller conveyors

1 Wrapping machine with rotary platform P60 model with mechanic pressure device

1 Wrapping arm B200 model with top sheet dispenser

1 Empty pallets dispenser

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