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We care about our customer, we could never leave the machines broken down. Our post-sales assistance is always by your side as long as you are using the pallet wrapper, because we dedicate the same passion to maintenance as we did in construction. We guarantee it in the contract, you will not have to wait more than 24 hours for technical support. Our technicians are trained on special courses and selective visits by staff with years of experience in the field. Only those who meet our standards are then authorized to guarantee our machinery.


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I saw that Technowrapp follows the lean philosophy. What does this mean?

The production and logistics systems must be increasingly reactive and flexible to the needs of a constantly evolving market demand. The techniques and methods of lean production within the company identify areas in which is possible to intervene in order to speed and simplify processes thus ensuring an improvement of the same in terms of flexibility and speed, eliminating any waste. Thanks to the application of this philosophy we can guarantee to all our customers a final price that does not include wasting time and materials, but only the quality of our products and our service.

I’m hesitated between buying an rotating arm wrapping machine or a rotating ring. What are the main differences?

First, it is useful to say that both types of wrappers are suitable for high production and suitable for wrapping unstable palletized loads, loads that, with the use of a wrapper with the rotating platform, could fall during rotation. The real differences between these two types of stretch wrappers are two: one related to the type of wrapping cycle, the other related to a strictly economic factor.
As regards the type of wrapping, the rotating ring machine has the unquestionable advantage of being able to practice wraps particular (as for example, wrap only the upper part of the load) that, nowadays, an rotating arm machine is not able to do. So for those who require partial wraps, the rotating ring is definitely the right solution.
The economic aspect can certainly make a difference when we talk instead of full packaging line. The ring machine is in fact more expensive but also very expensive is its maintenance because it is constituted by components more sensitive and complicated. The wrapping carried by an arm machine has certainly nothing to envy to the results obtained with the use of a ring, the difference is that instead the arm machine is simpler and therefore much cheaper, especially when we speak of maintenance.
To get more detailed information and for a personal consultation, please contact us, our representatives will be happy to assist you in choosing the best solution for your needs.

I cannot find on the site the solution I need.

Design systems according to specific customer requirements. On the page dedicated to the case history you can find some examples of our realizations. If you do not find between them your solution do not hesitate to contact us, our technicians will welcome your request considering together with you the best solution for your specific needs.

How can I help maintain the top performance of my wrapping system?

Once installed the system, its proper working depends also on you. To keep your system in more efficiency, you must:

  • Perform all routine maintenance as indicated in the manual of use and maintenance and communicated through an automatic message from the control panel of the Technowrapp wrappers (function provided as standard on Technowrapp machines);
  • Use only original parts;
  • Plan the assistance and maintenance work only with personal Technowrapp. In this way you can ensure an intervention by highly skilled technicians trained in all aspects and peculiarities of your system.

What are the routine maintenance recommended to keep the pallet wrapper always in efficiency?

To keep your wrapper in efficiency is always useful to perform regularly a few simple steps:

  • Cleaning photocells: regular cleaning the photocells. The perfect operation of the sensors allows to increase the efficiency of the machine;
  • Grease the fifth wheel: grease the fifth wheel every 200 hours of machine work. The operator panel will suggest this automatically at the end of 200 hours. Do this every time the machine requires, reduces efforts on engine / inverter thus ensuring a longer life of the fifth wheel. On the Technowrapp stretch wrapping machines, point of lubrication of the raceways of the fifth wheel is provided as standard, down, in easy position for the operator.
  • Lubrication of chains: on pallet conveyors, lubricate the chains every 150 working hours of the machine reduces the efforts of the engine / inverter, providing longer life to the chain and the pinions. The pinion in the wrapper is instead self-lubricating.
  • Replacement PLC Battery: The battery should be replaced every 12 months. The replacement should be performed with the machine turned on so as not to lose the control parameters of the system.
  • Maintenance of the stretch carriage: see the next paragraph.

How can I help maintain high performance of the stretch carriage of the film?

In order to maintain always the efficiency of the stretch carriage of your wrapper machine, you should clean the rollers with nitrocellulose thinner (the frequency of this operation varies depending on the amount of work done by the machine). Is a simple operation, which only requires five minutes, but which keeps high the performance of stretching and, accordingly, the saving of the film.

Can I help to make a rapid resolution of my problem?

Of course, when you need our assistance, can be very useful to prepare previously photos that present the problem clearly manifested from your system, so our technicians can quickly understand how to intervene.

What kind of film recommended to use? Where can I buy it?

If you’d like to request technical advice concerning the type of film to use, please contact us. Our technician Alberto Bassani will help you choose the right film and give you all the information you need.