Corporate social responsibility at Cuoa Business School

By Dania Cescato 2 Jahren ago

The meeting on «Sustainable development: environmental, social and economic implications» was yesterday at the Cuoa Foundation by Cuoa Business School, Northeast Foundation, Confindustria Veneto and Unicredit. The aim of this meeting was identifying the strategies, the policies, behaviors of the companies about sustainability issues environmental, social, circular economy and not financial communication. The focal points were the presentation of the results of research and the roundtable “The business point of view: comparison and policies of share and best practices”, which was attended by Enrico Berto (CEO Berto’s), Davide Ceccarelli (CEO Technowrapp) Gabriella Chiellino (environment and safety delegate of Confindustria Veneto), Alessio Piazzetta (Pixarprinting CMO), Carlos Veloso dos Santos (General Manager of Amorim Cork Italy) and Giuseppe Zammarchi (UniCredit Group Sustainability Manager).

Davide Ceccarelli (CEO Technowrapp) explained how the culture of corporate social responsibility is felt and integrated in the company mainly through the good practice of listening to both internal collaborators and external stakeholders. He highlighted how corporate social sustainability is strategic factor in Technowrapp’s development and how, the commitment to these issues is shared by the employees.

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